Who We Are

We are Bedford community members who believe that a holiday that celebrates the resilience of Indigenous peoples is far more truthful and reflective of our values as a community than one that honors a man whose legacy is characterized by white supremacy, colonial imperialism, and genocide.

By declaring the second Monday of October Indigenous Peoples Day, citizens of Bedford celebrate the diverse histories, cultures, and land stewardship of Indigenous peoples. We honor their tremendous resilience and their special status as the First People of this land. We correct false histories, begin to make amends for past atrocities, and support Indigenous struggles for justice.

Our Partners

Indigenous Peoples Day Massachusetts
An Indigenous-led group working to replace Columbus Day with Indigenous Peoples Day in Boston and across Massachusetts.

Massachusett Tribe at Ponkapoag
Descendants of this area’s First People whose ancestral lands comprise most of eastern Massachusetts, including present day Bedford.

Claudia Fox Tree, Arawak educator, Indigenous rights activist, and former longtime resident of Bedford

Italian Americans for Indigenous Peoples Day

Massachusetts-based group supporting Indigenous-led efforts to rename Columbus Day to Indigenous peoples day across the state.